Mobile Friendly

In 1997 desktop was the only way to view the web.  In 2013 mobile overtook desktop as the main way most people experience  the web.

Now with 3 billion mobile phones being used world wide, we are soon approaching a time when many people’s first internet interactions will be through a mobile device. Can you afford to ignore the majority of your clients? The majority of your trade?

Google's Mobile Friendly Test

Google already penalizes websites in mobile search that are not mobile-friendly to ensure that websites which are mobile-friendly rank higher and provide mobile searchers with a better user-experience. Google is now taking this a step further by using the "mobile-friendly" designation as a ranking factor to promote sites that are optimized for mobile, in addition to demoting those that are not.

You can test if your own site is mobile friendly with the link below. Just enter your URL and click Analyze

But does it really matter

Yes, if you need to get in front of a wide audience for your goods and services. Do you spend any money doing Google Adwords, SEO or online marketing? If you do and the site is not mobile friendly then you are wasting your hard won cash if the site users will come to is not mobile friendly.

All the sites we have built since 2013 have been responsive mobile friendly. All our Joomla 3 sites pass the Google test and our clients benefit from this in their search engine placement. Sites we have taken over or converted have seen a significant jump in their search engine placement on the key terms they have fought hard to achieve. If you leave your website in a state that does not pass the Google test not only will it fall in all search engine rankings but it will also be difficult to read, navigate and use for your clients.

The right message on the correct medium

You are also missing a trick to optimise your content for the different mediums. Use video and rich media experiences, larger more detailed explanations on the desktop where space is plentiful and the connections speeds great.

On tablets and mobiles you can present a fine tuned message via sections that show a different more succinct message tailored for the mobile market. Remove the video content and get a fast clear message across. Put the effort in and your clients will love you with a better takeup and more time spent looking around your site. This in turn will increase your ranking in those key terms you so cherish and help you get your business ahead of the rest.

Below is a simple example of how content can change depending on the browser size. If on a Desktop you will see 3 boxes, on a smaller device2 and on a mobile phone, one. If you are on a desktop, make the window smaller and see how it responds.

If you can read this, you are using a desktop monitor

If you can read this you are using a tablet or a desktop monitor

If you can read this you are using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop monitor

And what is the cost to you to implement such a change and go mobile.

It can range from a few hundred pounds upwards but getting an estimate is free and the cost of not doing anything and leaving it is going to be more and more expensive as your market share and exposure shrinks and your competitors take advantage of inaction and procrastination. 

To get a free estimate or just talk through your website strategy do contact SoftForge on 01474 350 959 or email to discuss your mobile website needs and stay ahead of the curve and in touch with all your customers.