Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Simon joined SoftForge on an apprenticeship and is with us learning the craft hands on.

Taking an interest in IT from Seconrday School at the age of 15, Simon has continued his education in the field ever since. Following a vocational qualification and graduation from secondary school, Simon took up a diploma at North West Kent College. There he spent two years working on his Level 3 Diploma, going on to focus on software in his second year. After several long days of hard work in the last few months he managed to secure an admirable final grade and a Diploma to show for his hard work. The qualification landed him a place at the University of Portsmouth, where he took up a Degree in Software Engineering which began in September 2014. However after a year the University modus operandi wasn't working for the young coder. In the end Simon called it quits and searched for other avenues of furthering his knowledge (whilst also limiting a potentially substantial student loan).

After several months of trying and failingfor apprenticeships he finally found a position at Softforge where he has worked since the Summer of 2015. 

With a keen interest in Web Design the avid gamer and soon to be Web Master looks to broaden the scope of his skills. While not with the extensive history of his collegues, he's hoping to make his own in his time at SoftForge.