CB Decimal Field Plugin

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  • Last update: 19 March 2015
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  • Version: 1.0
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  • Author: Joe Palmer
  • License: GPL2 or later
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The decimal field type plugin adds a "Decimal Field" to the available list of CB fields. It is based on the built in integer field type and used a double precision floating-point MySQL data type to store the values.

You can set a minimum and maximum allowed value as well as the number of decimal places the value is rounded to.

View CB Decimal Field Plugin Demo

Installation Instructions
  1. Install the plugin through the CB Plugin Management page
  2. Publish the plugin on the CB Plugin Management page
  3. Add a new field on the CB Field Management page
  4. Select the “Decimal Field” type and configure the parameters
Decimal Field ParametersSome versions of MySQL have a strange bug which causes the DOUBLE data type to be stored incorrectly if manipulated directly with MySQL. This can cause errors in comparison calculations (eg. when used with the CB Rank Plugin). If you encounter this problem, simply edit the field in question in jos_comprofiler (with phpMyAdmin) and add 2 options to the Length/Values resulting in a DOUBLE(M,N) format where M is the total number of digits and D is the number of digits following the decimal point. This will have the effect of enforcing your values to D decimal places.

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