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Increase traffic

To gain more business through the site we need to increase the traffic and this can be achieved through five main areas.

To increase traffic to the site through the use of:-

  • Social media (blogging, twitter, facebook integration) .
  • Use of Microdata to get better exposure in google and other search engines using the protocol.
  • Creation of third party articles (Industry related news feeds).
  • Case studies section to give relevant and key word rich articles that address the main clients search queries.
  • Events system to record and show events organised and events attended.
  • Newsletter system to allow people to sign up directly on the website.
  • Look to emerging technologies which would enhance the sites use and the spread of the company such as a learning Management System (LMS) allowing online tuition and courses.
  • Analysis of visitor traffic through the site with server statistics and Google analytics.


Social mediaThe use of blogging, twitter and facebook.

It is possible to integrate them with the website so that any blog is pushed to twitter and facebook with links back from those media.
This increases efficiency and gets a regular and unified push of content out to the different platforms. It also cuts out human error in broken links and incorrect links.

Microdata and

With the integration of microdata following structured content the much talked of but not achieved semantic web become more of a reality.
In a show of unity, the major search engines are agreeing on certain metadata structure to allow them to identify specific content from a page and present it in the search engines.
Use of such markup with advantage any one using it over those that do not in both rankings and the way it is presented to the public.


One of the best ways to increase your rank in Google and any other search engine is by regular and constant changing of the site. This is achieved with modules bringing in the latest tweets and blogs. Third party content can also be a big help. Well sourced news feeds can bring in both relevant content and be integrated into the whole news and articles process to provide a base load of articles, tweets and facebook updates.
The news feeds are RSS feeds from third parties which are then brought in daily using a cron job. This also writes them into the blogging system as an article and then tweets the title and a link to twitter as well as integrating with facebook and other third party social network systems.
The result is an ever growing series of articles with key word rich content and the steady change to the home and other pages as the articles flow in.



Case Studies

The use of case studies which fit with the common ways the services and products can be accessed and used will provide Google with the material it needs to give search relevant links back to your content. If written from the perspective of the client trying to find such a service or product the case study will provide that route in.
It broadens the appeal to those less technical who would be frightened off by a data sheet and wish to learn from others experiences and solutions. Case studies would be a useful place to link youtube videos of demonstrations and walkthroughs aimed at guiding first time users and those new to the industry.

Events System

This can fit into the blogging and twitter aspect. Pushing out events for others to attend. Allowing others to see what Chelsea is attending and giving a regular update to the site.
It can also be extended to record attendees and allow feedback on events attended by third parties.

Newsletter system

We use acymailing to directly integrate a fully featured email newsletter system. It features the importing and exporting of contacts and groups. Filtering of contacts. Responsive newsletter templates, automatic follow up messages. Tracking of the newsletter, who opened it , when and which links did they click. All valuable information when targeting a particular audience.



Analysis of visitor traffic

Once built it helps to have an understanding of who and how your clients are using your site. Which areas are performing, which are being ignord and which may be too tucked away.
With both the server statistics but also some of the more advanced Google Analytics features we can track user journeys and find out where they are ending and moving away. If there are areas that could be improved or expanded.

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