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The variety of hosting packages on offer – at a variety of prices – provide differing levels of service. Some companies provide a very basic service, then when you need extra facilities they will charge you extra. Quite often these companies will have an attractively low-looking initial charge for bandwidth or disc space. But the question you really need to ask is ‘Exactly what do I need – and how much of it?’

Rather than dealing in hidden extras, SoftForge is honest and upfront about what you will get for your money and what you won’t. All our packages are fairly priced to reflect the service that is required for a particular kind of site. You will not be paying for a product or service that you don’t really need. You can also switch packages to reflect changes in your business.

Feel free to chat to any of us about what you need now and what you think you might need in the future, and we will be happy to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you ask for a service or product that from experience we think is unsuited to your needs we will point it out and suggest a better alternative.

We want happy customers who recommend us to their friends and business partners, not customers who feel tied to us through fear of the hassle that change would bring.

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