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One big safety net

Backup copies allow data to be restored from an earlier point in time

At SoftForge we provide weekly backups as standard. For those sites that have more demanding requirements, we are happy to quote for daily backups. All of our backups are stored in a third-party repository.  It is essential to keep the hosted site and the backups separate to avoid any problems should the hosting company run into issues. This allows for the seamless restoration of any website with any other hosting company.  

SoftForge uses a restore system that rewrites the original server configuration to meet any new server configuration it finds plus minimising any problems caused by the server environment. 

Additionally, at SoftForge, we archive backups for a set period so that should an issue be discovered at a later date we still have a restore point. 


Additional data backups

With all of SoftForges client websites, we teach those responsible how they can start a one-click backup. This gives you the peace of mind should you be adding a lot of new work to your site and need to restore back to the point where you started. It also allows you to take a snapshot after you have added a lot of work just in case a colleague was to accidentally overwrite it. 

Restore system

At SoftForge we regularly test our website restore systems to see that they are functioned properly.

When creating a new client site we do it in such a way that the old information is not deleted, so for a limited period of time should you need to check the old site you can. 

Backup security 

Backups give you peace of mind but they can also become a headache if they fall into the wrong hands. 

SoftForge creates all of their client backups of the web tree meaning your backups are not susceptible to being discovered. 
They are stored in a secure third party system and each clients site  backup is individually password protected. 

A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Speak directly to us

Unlike many website companies, we do not out source.
Your site will be made by us.

Genuine testimonials

Our testimonials are from our customers. You can message our clients to ask if they stand by what they have said on this site. 

Ongoing support

We can be with you as your blog grows and help you make the right choices so you get the very most from your Brochure CMS.