Inserting Files into Content

Files such as Word Documents, PDFs and such can be embedded into content, allowing users to view or download them.

Uploading and selecting a file for embedding within content is a similar process to uploading and selecting an image. Before accessing the File Manager, it's best to attach the file to a string of text within the content. This can be done by first highlighting the string of text.

Then to access the File Manager you'll want the icon on the editor resembling a documnet with a chain (see below):

insert file

If you've been uploading and inserting images into content the File Manager should look familiar. Clicking this particular button prepares it to handle files and documents instead of images.

You’ll find three columns in the file manager.

  • The left column displays the file directory in full
  • The middle column displays the contents of the folder you are in
  • The right column displays details of the folder or file you have selected

insert file 2

It is advised you keep things organised in the file manager to keep navigation easy. For example, any PDFs to be uploaded might have a dedicated PDF folder.

Inserting Files

Your currently selected directory is shown in the middle column. Folders can be navigated using the directory on the left, folders within can be viewed by clicking the + . When clicking a folder it's contents will be shown in the middle column. When uploading new files they will be put into the folder you have open (the middle column) See Uploading Files below.

To attach file into your previously highlighted text, choose the file you want and it will show up in the right-hand column. You may also be prompted with the following:

insert file 3

In most situations you'll want to press No. This will replace the text you highlighted to the name of the file. Next find the box labelled "Target", in the dropdown box to the right it should say --Not Set--. Open this up and change it to "Open in New Window". This will open up the file in a brand new window if it is a PDF, instead of navigating away from the current page. If you wish to make it obvious there is a file that can be viewed, check the box labelled "Icon". This will place an appropriate file icon alongside the text.

Following this you can press the blue Insert button at the bottom right of the File Manager. This will attach your chosen file to the text you previously highlighted.

Uploading Files

Files will be uploaded into the folder you have selected in the File Manager (the middle column).

Pressing the “Upload” button will allow you to drag and drop or Browse for the file on your computer that you wish to upload. You can upload multiple files simultaneously. 

Once you have chosen all of your desired files, press the now blue Upload button. Your files will then upload and will be ready for use.

insert file 4