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Secure, reliable and scalable

Our hosting solutions

SoftForge has hosted sites for the National Health Service (NHS) and the Police Crime Prevention Initiative (PCPI). 

One of the sites SoftForge is proud to host is the Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) another the National Business Crime Centre (NBCC).

Another in our stable is the largest sports law site, Law In Sport. What these organisations have in common is a need for reliable secure hosting.

SoftForge uses dedicated servers which are hardened and have restricted administrative access.

Hosting Packages


SoftForge offers a range of managed hosting solutions. Supporting businesses of all sizes. 

99.99% Uptime

You need your site to be available and at SoftForge we run servers with 99.99% uptime.


Raid 10 means that even if two of the four discs were to die all the data is safe.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Speak directly to us

Unlike many website companies, we do not out source.
Your site will be made by us.

Genuine testimonials

Our testimonials are from our customers. You can message our clients to ask if they stand by what they have said on this site. 

Ongoing support

We can be with you as your blog grows and help you make the right choices so you get the very most from your Brochure CMS.

From £180/Year +VAT