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How to add your Multi Factor Authenticator

1) Login to the website. 

2) Head to 'Users' and select your user profile. 

3) You will see a 'Multi-Factor Authenticator' tab now appears in the profile. 

4) We want to use 'Verification Codes'.

Click add a new Verification Code. 

5) You will see this page, use your phone and open up the Authenticator App. (I have used Google). 

6) On the app, scan the QR Code given. 

7) Save and close. You will see it has worked by seeing the time and a little star in the corner.

8) Save and Close. Then Log Out to test.

9) Login with your usual username and password. 

10) You will automatically see this page once logged in. Enter the code shown on your phone, this will then log you in.