Every organisation, no matter how complex, needs a striking brand identity. Your branding should unit your company, differentiate you from your competitors and stick in customers’ minds.

Communicating what you stand for, what you do, through your brand and logo, is not easy. It takes thought and time getting to know the client and understand from them what they want and need to portray to their clients.

SoftForge is here to guide you through your graphics needs whether they be logos, images or videos.

Content is all the -

  • text
  • images
  • sound
  • animation
  • video

that go to make up your site.
The technologies that deliver video and animation have changed much over the years to bring a rich experience even on mobile phones.
Image formats too have evolved -

to bring better quality faster and in some cases fully scalable across all devices

But do remember the phrase "Content is King" and in particular the written word. It is the written word that will be picked up in the search engines, the written word that will convay most of the message you want people to understand from your site.

Images, sound, animation and video is there to help you demonstrate the words. Images can bring life to articles and illistrate the points made. But you need good copy, good test in order to be found and understood.

For almost a decade SoftForge has been pushing at the art of what can be done to make clients sites work the way they want them to.

We have written many plugins modules and components to meet the needs of our clients to fill the gaps when there is not a solution that fits.

Development work is for us a time to turn the clients thoughts and ideas into code that works on the site. To present them with a finished article that encapsulates what they envisaged into the finished article. We want our customers to be sure that the people who view and visit their sites come away with the right impression, that your website is plus to your company in both the impression it leaves and the way it helps you work.

Its free to have a conversation to see if what you have in mind is possible. Perhaps there may be a better way we can suggest to achieve what you are wanting.

Maintenance is vital for any site. Once the build is finished it starts to age, and without a company behind your site updating the software and keeping pace witht he changes in technology your site will soon become out of date.

Think of it as you would a highstreet shop. Once open for business you need to put some time and money aside to develop those areas that the customes use most, pare back those services and areas least used. To get feedback on whats working and whats not. To be made aware of new trends and new technologies and allow your site to embrase those that would improve your business.

Its also about maintaining the infrastructure thats there. What worked in old browsers may not be what is best for the newer browsers. And if you don't move forward with the technology that powers your site then you will be left behind in the race to come first with your customers.

SoftForge can help with explaining how the market is changing and what you can do to fill that gap. We can keep an eye on your site to prevent malicious attacks and advise on the most cost effective way to stay ahead.

So just as you would give a shop a new coat of paint, make repairs and suitable changes to reflect the changes in your market, so with a website the job is not over when the site is launched but watching it develop and grow can be a lot of fun. SoftForge is there to help you make the changes and keep it fun and exciting.