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Business ideas made real

Business application websites allow you to run your business efficiently.

Business application sites are so much more than "just a website".

SoftForge can work with you to turn your web space into a workplace, allowing you to communicate over the web with clients, staff and colleagues.

Bring us your ideas and we will use our content management skills to turn them into a reality, using the best of the web to save you time and money.

No coding. If you can use word or docs you have all the knowledge you need to get to grips with our business applications.

SoftForge can help you build your application then after it is launched you have the control at your fingertips to make changes and do the things you need to do when you need to do them.

If you still need help, SoftForge is here to assist you.

Business Application Packages

Front end editor

What does "front end editing" mean?
Simply put, you can log in to your site where everyone else sees your site and once you are logged in you will be able to edit, create and save your changes without logging into a different looking administrator area. 

You can set different access for different people so you have the full control but staff can be given limited access.

SEO guide, help as you type

SEO is important and the platform we use is excellent at putting your site into the top of the search engines. There are simple rules to follow and we set these rules out for you so you can just get on with writing your pages, making your ideas come alive and so they will be seen by as many people as possible.

Get your application above your competitors. It will pay for itself in no time.

Image editor

With your SoftForge business application package, you can add, edit and crop your images, add effects and colour changes.

Images can really make a difference to your site, engaging your users and making your website stand out.

You can also add videos from Youtube and Vimeo.

Example pages

Our SoftForge business application package includes example pages which help you to make the most of your website.

Simply copy the example pages and edit them to your needs. Example pages can really speed up your site-building process.

Version control

Version control can be a real help when it comes to editing and curating your website. 

Made a change you regret? Has a colleague overwritten your page?  You can roll back up to 10 versions of your article so plenty of time to make that change and get the most from your website.

Online documentation

SoftForge has links to many great sources of documentation. We have links to image sources as well so there is always help on hand via the documentation. 

Videos help explain and show how you can create and improve your pages.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Speak directly to us

Unlike many website companies, we do not out source.
Your site will be made by us.

Genuine testimonials

Our testimonials are from our customers. You can message our clients to ask if they stand by what they have said on this site. 

Ongoing support

We can be with you as your blog grows and help you make the right choices so you get the very most from your Brochure CMS.

From £6000 +VAT