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Knowledge is power

Measure your site's performance, social platforms, and marketing campaigns 

With any business, you need to know how you are spending your money not only in the past but for the future outlay. The same is true for a healthy website, knowledge of how clients use your site, where they enter and where they exit is vital for you to see if money has been well spent on features and to plan for new and improved development. 

Good analytics will repay the cost of its preparation many times over stopping you from wasting precious time creating features that users will not use.  

Accurate reports let you concentrate your resources where they are most needed. Targeting your resources to bring you the maximum return on your investment .


Identify strengths and weaknesses

Using analytics provides statistics that can help to improve business performance by analysing data and the information regarding your site. 
Only with this knowledge, can you properly understand where you need to make changes.

Perception and reality

How you think your clients and prospective customers view your site and the reality of how they really use it can be very different. 

Insights from proper analysis and reviewing your key objectives will help you refine the functionality of your site 

Detailed analytical reports

SoftForge can provide you with detailed monthly analytic reports to help you review your progress and plan for your future. 

SoftForge can also provide specific reports so you can monitor new features and maximise returns. 

A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

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Our testimonials are from our customers. You can message our clients to ask if they stand by what they have said on this site. 


We can be with you as your blog grows and help you make the right choices so you get the very most from your Brochure CMS.