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Big names, large companies

shellSoftForge has worked with some of the biggest names over the last decade. We can help bring about a team lead solution slotting into that part of an company that requires our expertise to make your projects and plans a reality.

In our time we worked with many national and international companies. One example is Shell. We worked with them to implement their car service network. We built and delivered a multi administrator multi access level platform to allow garages using Shell oil to deliver MOT and car services via the platform we built. It allowed customers to enter postcode and car registration to find the nearest garage that could deal with their make and car, along with the costs involved.

During the life of the project we provided a maintenance contract to make sure the service ran smoothly and when this project came to an end we met their obligations and continue to host copies of the project for as long as they need. Although finished the Shell project can be seen here in the wayback machine.

helpdiabetesWith the NHS/UCL collaboration, this is an ongoing roll out of a type 2 diabetes site aimed at helping those with the disease to self manage the condition. I large complex site that uses information gathered from the patients records it presents them with structured learning courses and in an interface tailored to make it as easy to navigate as possible for each user.

capitalfortuneCapital fortune, a financial services company based in the heart of the London square mile. For them we took over 1600 Wordpress sites and built them into one Joomla site which is secure and reliable. This streamlined their offer saving time and costs, but also delivering better SEO and conversion rates. Important when you are spending money on advertising to push your business forward.

We also work with charities such as the PKD charity and Ciliopathy Alliance, both have had large audiences at times.

For the British Council we created Youth Space. Although the project and the site has now finished, an outline of the project can be here, YouthSpace. You can see it developed over the 5 years and was a success for the British Council and EU authorities who helped fund it.

So however big your organisation is, we can engage with your development teams enhancing the project and driving it forward.