Brochure CMS

Content Management Systems (CMS) are sites that you can edit and change easily, without needing much knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language). CMS are ideal for sites that are maintained by more than one person, as different levels of permission can be granted, allowing one person to have overall control and others to help.

Initial training is provided, and more can be purchased at any stage after launch.

E-commerce Shop

An e-commerce site is a shop on the web. Our package is ideal for showcasing your products, with enough space for descriptions of articles as well as plenty of pictures. Great for workshops, small businesses and service sector clients wanting an easy-to-use way of supplying their customers. We provide initial training on all aspects of the site, and further training can be bought once up and running.

Business Application

Business application sites are so much more than "just a website". SoftForge can work with you to turn your webspace into a workplace, allowing you to communicate over the web with clients, staff and colleagues. Bring us your ideas and we will use our content management skills to turn them into reality, using the best of the web to save you time and money.


Our server-only package is a shared portion of a dedicated server which comes with its own control panel. Ideal for those wanting to build and manage their own static pages.