CB Ratio Field Plugin

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  • Last update: 19 March 2015
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  • Version: 1.0
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  • Author: Joe Palmer
  • License: GPL2 or later
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The ratio field type plugin adds a "Ratio Field" to the available list of CB fields. It does not actually add a new field to the database and cannot be edited by the user. It simply calculates a user's ratio based on 2 other numeric CB fields.

You can define any 2 numeric CB fields that exist in the database (eg. any integer or decimal fields) to be used to calculate the ratio. If displayed as a decimal or percentage, you can set the number of decimal places to round the result to. If displayed as fraction, you have the option to simplify it if possible and define what is used as the separator.

Installation Instructions
  1. Install the plugin through the CB Plugin Management page
  2. Publish the plugin on the CB Plugin Management page
  3. Add a new “Ratio Field” type from the CB Field Management page
  4. Define the field names to use and set the other parameters as desired
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