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Getting Online - Building your site

Page 6 of 6: Building your site

Once the basic framework of your website has been established, you will need to provide content.

It takes quite a lot of material to make even a small website – we have found that clients are often surprised by how much. It’s up to you whether you generate your own articles and source your own pictures or use our bespoke copywriting/editing and graphics expertise (see the Additional Services menu), but do we strongly recommend that you don’t let your lovely new site sit idle and empty for months due to lack of material.

That said, if there is a delay with content, it is usually better to get the site up and running so that search engines can find it. Although we want your site to be mistake-free, it will inevitably change over time, and it is often better to publish what you have rather than delay.

When adding content to your site, we work in a development area, so you don’t have to wait for us to show you what we’ve done. Instead, you can log in to see the changes as they happen and approve them or give feedback before they are released to the public. Quite often, it becomes apparent that some tweaks are needed once the content is added – for example, you may find that a different structure to the menu system would better reflect your customers’ needs.

SoftForge want you to be happy with the end product so regular feedback is encouraged, and as long as revisions are kept to a reasonable number we are happy to apply them. If you would like more extensive changes, this will have implications for the original build cost, but we will explain this in full before proceeding.